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Artisan Jewelry with a Nostalgic Twist

Meet Lou

Artist. Storyteller. Antiquer. Seeker of the funky things.

Lou Horton is a designer drawn to all things vintage, unusual, and hand-crafted. Lou adds the art of personification to each of her amazing works of art. Her works of art tell stories and are inspired by both nature and people, and sometimes also the nature of people. 

Own a piece of the fun.

Shopping Lou's merchandise is like experiencing a great story, full of imagination, special effects, and whimsy characters. 

The Art of the Past Shines Bright in Your Future

Broken, Not Forgotten.

Lou's very popular Broken Porcelain Collection, coming soon to her store, transforms once beloved broken and antique porcelain with exciting patterns, colors, and subject matter into lovely, wearable jewelry for today.  Imaginatively named after their former owners, perhaps? 

Take a look at Lou's online store and see what she has created. 

Have a Looky Lou, if you will. 

Captivating the Wearer, One Bangle at a Time.

Layer up! There are so many styles and patterns to chose from with Lou's Copper Jewelry Collections. The textures and forms are inspired by nature and have empowering names like Power Cuffs, Stud, and Leather.

Dare to be as bold as the jewelry you wear! 

Not Knowing is a Thing of the Past

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