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Meet Lou Horton: Artist, Storyteller, Seeker of the Funky Things

Metaphysically grounding and linked to ancient history, copper is the medium of choice for artist Lou Horton.  Lou recalls that when she was very young, someone said to her, “wow, you’re a little artist” and she believes that moment planted the seed of possibility that being an artist is a real job. 

Today, Lou has fulfilled that role of professional artist, a pathway she’s had to plot and plough through with intense determination. For Lou, her full-time entrepreneurship is one part constant involvement, one part dedication to studio practice, and one part community presence. The Pittsboro, North Carolina artist is, quite simply, in love with history and eccentricities and has built both an entrepreneurship and a body of work that’s rich and dripping with these. 

A graduate of UNC Asheville with a BA in Ceramic Sculpture., Lou is a well-versed sculptor with work that spans from ceramics to jewelry. Using humor, Lou describes the attributes of the wearer of her copper jewelry in every written description, focusing on the feelings and desires that may ignite the wearer to align with the work and offers hand-made stamps with symbolic designs that are “meant to inspire you to be a better person.”. As a sage of her medium, Lou seeks to inform her audience about the history and benefits of her products, supporting their understanding of the intrinsic value of her art and helping them to connect to and form a relationship with it. 

Lou studied traditional blacksmithing during a two-year apprenticeship with artist John Amero of Pittsboro, North Carolina. The experience fortified her desire to make her own tools, an important anchor in her art-making today. During an iron casting event in North Carolina in 2005 , Lou met artist Jason Arkles and later on in 2011 followed him to Italy for a 3 month private study of clay sculpting and ecorche, the study of artistic anatomy. Also in 2011, during a trip to Ghana, Africa with Habitat for Humanity, Lou had a memorable encounter with the village tomfroe (blacksmith) in which she witnessed ancient techniques used to make everything from gold to guns. He sought her knowledge on how to make a bottle opener, and the two created one together then used it to share a (warm) beer. These pivotal experiences have fortified Lou's understanding of the medium and fueled her artistic practice, allowing her to employ the same blacksmith techniques in her copper work today.

Lou lives in Raleigh and is creator and owner of her business, Lou Horton. She can be found at various hand-made and crafters markets in North Carolina, and at professional networking and art events in downtown Raleigh.   

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Enjoy the inventive descriptions in Lou's  beautiful copper jewelry collections. It's one way Lou invites the wearer to be inspired by their individuality. 

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